Who is Abe?

Abe is our home, or was our home, and will always be the name for our home.

We first called our home Abe because there was a sign above the door when we first moved in that I thought said Abe & Marie. I thought this was cute and must have been the names of the people who lived here before. Where I come from, people name their homes, my parents is called Kahuna Cave or something like that.

But I was ever so wrong. The sign said Ava Maria which I am told is something catholic. Never the less, the sign went but Abe stood.

Since the original Abe, we’ve decided the name works for us. So all of our homes from now on will also be called Abe. We are like those wise ass parents who named their children Thing 1 and Thing 2. When something is good, why change it?



Tell me I'm wrong

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