Introducing Abe

The house!

We’ve started this blog as an easy-modern-day-way of updating our friends and family about the progress of Abe, our 103 year old robust and obstreperous new home.

Few will believe it but Abe was the only home we viewed, you could say it was love at first site.  I found him while scrolling through one Saturday morning, and booked a viewing for Monday evening. We loved that he had so many signs of being loved by previous owners (see pink skirting) but his  original features had been perfectly neglected. The high ceilings, 6 fireplaces, original skirting and molding were just what we were looking for.  Abe and his granny/brothel-chic skirting may have swayed others, but we knew under those patterns was a diamond in the rough.  Sadly most of Abe’s counter-parts, (Victorian with cellar/attic )have been remodelled, turned into separate flats, remodelled again and rented out, so finding this sort of home near our family would be tough.

Next weekend we move in to Abe and we can not wait! Pretty sure we will feel like squatters here for the first 2 months.