Wehadababyitsaboy Meet Freddie!

We’ve had a baby its a boy! World, meet Freddie

Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography - www.rebeccadouglas.co.uk

We’ve been in this blissful new baby bubble the past 2 weeks, where days roll in to one and turn in to weeks. Our Freddie John Simmons Durrant was born on the 24th of Jan weighing in at a generous 9 lb 10 oz. He is absolutely beautiful to us and after staying in our Freddie cocoon for 2 weeks, I now feel ready to introduce Freddie to the world.

With that large of a baby (especially for the first child) the first thing any woman thinks of is the armageddon of the vagina that must have ensued at his birth- don’t worry ladies the money maker is still in tact- this baby was only coming out through the sunroof. Although, it took us 72 hours in labour before this became apparent.

That’s right, 72 hours. He was big, back-to-back and not dropping down my cervix, with his head cocked the wrong angle.  That playlist was bullshit. So is Ina May Gaskin- burn her books. No amount of hippy motivation or hynobirthing would’ve helped. Despite consistent and intense contractions, this kid was not budging. I don’t know if that means he is very stubborn or very lazy, but he was very stuck. In some ways not having the vaginal birth makes me feel like less of a woman, but thank god for modern medicine and a kick-ass midwife team (gooooooo NHS).

Freddie is ready for visitors now. To be honest, I wasn’t ready at first. All sorts of emotions happen with a new baby, there is this intense love that you’ve never felt before and couldn’t imagine, as well as this new vulnerability that makes you feel very fragile. I needed time to get my head around all of this and  we needed to get to know our new son.

So friends, meet our Freddie. He is a little bruiser, who likes cuddles, late nights and boobs. And to us, he is perfect in every single way.

All photos from the fabulous Rebecca Douglas

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To see the whole collection of photos of Freddie go to

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Eviction Notice and Labor Mix Tape

It’s been the longest 9 months of my life. Not because the pregnancy has been tough, I’ve been really lucky with good health throughout  (unless Will farts, that stench sends me over the edge). No it’s been a long 9 months because I’m an incredibly impatient human and having to wait 9 months to meet this little squatter has been grueling. We are at last in the final stretch, bags are packed, baby clothes are washed and folded away and family hybrid car is bought (poor Will). We feel as ready as we will ever be. Can you ever be ready?

More unbelievable than the fact that we have packed our bags with time to spare is that Dobble was able to finish a hallway, kitchen and nursery over the past 2 months! Nothing gets you moving quicker than a baby deadline and this boy has been on fire.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

I will upload more pictures later of the progress on Abe.

So for now we are just waiting for the squatter to make its arrival. And oohh I can not wait any longer. I want to be able to hold it in my arms instead of balancing a glass on top of it.

Balancing a glass

To keep myself busy, I’ve been going through a suggestion list on pinterest titled something like ‘what you need to do before the baby comes.’ One of the items on the list is to make a playlist with music to listen to during labor. I’m not sure if this is suppose to be monks chanting, whales calling or something else suggested by my fellow hippies, but Will and I have been coming up with our own list. Below is what we’ve got so far, anyone else have ideas on what to add?

Labor Mix Tape

  • Push it- Salt n Pepa
  • Living on a Prayer- Bonjovi
  • 525,600 minutes- Rent
  • I Feel the Earth Move- Carol King
  • Push it Along- Tribe Called Quest
  • My Humps- Black Eyed Peas
  • Break Down and Let it All Out- Nina Simone
  • Born to be Wild- Steppenwolf
  • Come to Mama- Etta James
  • Here I am Baby- Al Green
  • Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice
  • A Natural Women- Aretha Franklin
  • Breath, Stretch, Shake- Mase
  • I Wanna Be Sedated- The Ramones

Wish us luck- my mix tape is only 2 hours long so far and if my labor is anything like some of the ones I have been hearing about, it currently looks like we will have to listen to this on repeat about 15 times.