One Month of Freddie


We’ve had our Freddie for just over a month now and what we’ve learned this month is that the first lesson in parenthood is to go back to your pre-child self, have a gin and tonic and tell yourself to loosen up, all things you think you know about babies- well your baby is going to shit all over that and let you know that he is the boss.

Because around this house, at least for these first few months, Freddie is the boss. Want to go for a walk? Freddie doesn’t. Want to go to sleep? Freddie doesn’t. Want to take a bath? Freddie wants to go for a walk. We’ve looked for the instruction manual, and these babies don’t come with one, so we are learning as we go. It’s wonderful and terrifying. It  feels like the best thing you’ve ever done and then he doesn’t stop crying and you feel like a failure.

Motherhood is all these things and he can’t even slam his bedroom door and tell me he hates me, or run to me for a hug. But today I got my first real smile and the love that you feel from that is, just breathtaking.

So here is the good, the bad and the breathtaking of our first month with Freddie. Like all new parents we’ve had our share of vomit, shitsplosians and cuddles from our king kong sized baby.

DSC_0181 (2)DSC_0199DSC_0244

Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography - DSC_0312.


Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography - by Rebecca Douglas Photography -



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