Wehadababyitsaboy Meet Freddie!

We’ve had a baby its a boy! World, meet Freddie

Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography - www.rebeccadouglas.co.uk

We’ve been in this blissful new baby bubble the past 2 weeks, where days roll in to one and turn in to weeks. Our Freddie John Simmons Durrant was born on the 24th of Jan weighing in at a generous 9 lb 10 oz. He is absolutely beautiful to us and after staying in our Freddie cocoon for 2 weeks, I now feel ready to introduce Freddie to the world.

With that large of a baby (especially for the first child) the first thing any woman thinks of is the armageddon of the vagina that must have ensued at his birth- don’t worry ladies the money maker is still in tact- this baby was only coming out through the sunroof. Although, it took us 72 hours in labour before this became apparent.

That’s right, 72 hours. He was big, back-to-back and not dropping down my cervix, with his head cocked the wrong angle.  That playlist was bullshit. So is Ina May Gaskin- burn her books. No amount of hippy motivation or hynobirthing would’ve helped. Despite consistent and intense contractions, this kid was not budging. I don’t know if that means he is very stubborn or very lazy, but he was very stuck. In some ways not having the vaginal birth makes me feel like less of a woman, but thank god for modern medicine and a kick-ass midwife team (gooooooo NHS).

Freddie is ready for visitors now. To be honest, I wasn’t ready at first. All sorts of emotions happen with a new baby, there is this intense love that you’ve never felt before and couldn’t imagine, as well as this new vulnerability that makes you feel very fragile. I needed time to get my head around all of this and  we needed to get to know our new son.

So friends, meet our Freddie. He is a little bruiser, who likes cuddles, late nights and boobs. And to us, he is perfect in every single way.

All photos from the fabulous Rebecca Douglas

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To see the whole collection of photos of Freddie go to

Select: Freddie’s Newborn Shoot
Enter Password: FirstBornFreddie2015

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