Taking My Muffin Top Seriously

Morning all!

As you can see, I’ve graduated from keg belly to full on muffin top. All of a sudden this squatter is a growin’.

So now that my belly is getting attention by the outside world, let’s talk about being taken seriously as a pregnant woman, and not just as a baby maker waiting to be milked.

I tried to keep this pregnancy a secret for as long as possible. I had the fear and worry that I hear will now be with me the rest of my days, mostly that something will happen to the squatter’s health or that I’d be a shitty mom and totally ruin its life forever.

But I also worried that after announcing the pregnancy I would no longer be taken seriously at work, and would be seen as someone who is in the way for 6 months. Here in the UK only 18% of women who have a child under 3, work full-time. Right now I have every intention of getting back to work, I’m lucky and find real meaning in what I do. And who the hell are these people who can afford not to go back? That is impressive- but not the world I live in.

Practical reading for a prego

So far I’ve actually not had a problem at all. I think what helps is that I’m lucky to have positive female managers around me and work for the public sector. These things make a big difference, but I’ve also tried my hardest to remind people “I’ll be back.” A couple of other tricks I’ve tried is to keep it a secret when I’ve just thrown up my cookies and have banned the term ‘baby brain.’ God help the person who says this when I forget my password for the 10th time, the snarl is worst than when Will eats the last pickle.

I know that lots of women are ready to hand in their notice when the pee stick is positive and I am happy for them, but that’s not me. So for now I am trying for the outside world to take pity on the muffin top, but still take me seriously. I think it is a fine balance and one more women should talk about. So send advice, tips or pickles my way.


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