What Happens When Your Husband Starts His Own Company

There are times in every marriage that surprise you- the first time you go to a wedding together and think that one day this will be you two, the first Christmas together when one of you is away from your family and the other tries to make it that much more special for you, when you first pool your finances and find out about the maxed out credit cards the other person has, the first time you accidentally fart in front of the other person, you know- the little things you think you know about your other half that surprise you.

Dobble has surprised me many times over the past 6 years, but nothing could’ve prepared me for this feeling.

You’ll know from the last post that he’s decided to start his own kitchen company. Herringbone Kitchens The company is coming together and should be open by the 15th of July. Dobble has been working endlessly on every detail, from building the website to choosing the handles for the cabinets. And what I’m learning about him just surprises me every day. He is a machine. And only crashes every once in awhile


I’ve felt many things for him over the past 6 years, including feeling very proud, but If I take that feeling and times it by a 100 that still wouldn’t explain it. I’ve been surprised by Will countless times, but I’ve never expected to feel this proud.


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