Back in the Saddle

Well our long hiatus is officially over.

In March we enjoyed laying in bed until 10 on a Sunday- bliss. We went on holiday to Krakow and got to see more of our friends.

I think we worked on the house for maybe one half a day, and that was just to make the living room pretty for my sister-in-laws baby shower we had at ours last weekend (separate post one the shower to come)

So we painted and put the door up in the living room.



Our break in March was just what we needed, but I am still without a kitchen. And now some big things are about to happen in the Autumn that mean we need to get cracking on Abe.

Before the excitement sets in, it’s not a baby- possibly a dog?? Sorry Mama. In
the Autumn, Will is starting his own kitchen company and I’m starting a part-time PhD.

So we are once again on a strict deadline. Kitchen and outside of the house, done by September. No more sleep-ins for us.

I’m told if all goes to plan (like when does that happen) I will have a kitchen. In 3 months. That means by July.

So yesterday we plasterboarded and angle beaded and generally made a mess.



It’s all starting again here folks.

Bring on July


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