The Christmas List I am Not Suppose to Have

Will and I have decided to be practical this year and get each other practical  Christmas gifts- not too ridiculously practical gifts like plasterboard and a sledgehammer.  But just a fun gift for the house that we can share instead of.. oh say diamonds.

Since we both love listening to music while cooking/entertaining we decided to get speakers- the extravagant thing is  that we (ok Will) will make it so they are built in speakers in the kitchen and diner ceiling.  I will be able to rock out while cooking which is the the gift that keeps on giving.

But I can’t resist a christmas list- hey it’s tradition. So here is what I would have asked Santa for if we had won the lotto millions this year


From left to right, top to bottom

1) A stool- any old stool will do. I’ll take three of these to put around my island 2) A beautiful but classy ceiling light to put in the living room 3) A print from the artist JR 4) Club chairs but smallish ones,  think more french size bums than american 5) Wedding photos from the super talented Daniel Grendon. I have big ideas for getting some of our wedding photos printed and put on to resin. This one is going on my New Years Resolution. Believe it or not, our wedding was two years ago and while we had some photos and a book printed for family last year, due to Abe we still haven’t purchased them for ourselves yet.  It’s not for lack of loving them all, but more about finances and wanting to choose every picture 6) A print from the fabulous and ohhhh soooo talented Jess Russell Flint . 7) A fridge- pretty ones are nice but really all it has to do is have a freezer and be taller than the size of an elf and I will be happy 8) Work clothes that make me look like an adult and not a intern.

Being practical makes sense, so I’ll just have to save this list for next year. But Santa if you are listening I promise extra cookies and  a carrot for the reindeer.


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