Our Boiler Went Kaput Last Night: On the Coldest Night of the Year

Have you ever heard of Sod’s law? This is probably my life story. And last night, the coldest night of the year so far, when the temperature dropped to below zero (32 f) our boiler officially checked out.

That’s right, after 35 years running, last night that boiler breathed its last breath… Quickly after we could start to see our breath.

So just how did we keep warm? Well luckily I’ve learned cold survival tips from growing up in Cheboygan, Michigan, where without fail all inhabitants lose power around Christmas/ New Year and have to find their own ways of keeping warm.

So here are my top tips for keeping warm this winter.

1. Flannel- no not the sexy or hipster kind

Hipsters may think flannel is something they alone rock, but they are sooo soooo wrong. Flannel is the fabric of the north. There is a reason it is worn by lumber jacks, homeless people and Santa.


If you want to stay warm, wear flannel… You’ll stay warmer if you keep your pants on and tits in, I think Victoria Secret got the wrong memo on the flannel.


The Internet is full of women who only have there clothes/flannel half on. Is this because they get to warm and need to take off the flannel?

We pumped it up a notch by buying flannel bedding, which is probably the best invention ever known to man.


2. Papa Bear was Right! Wear Your Socks

Socks are genius. Just stop what you’re doing and buy yourself some super warm ones. They will change your life, or at least help you stay warm.

Socks Galore!

3. Tea Again
Black, Green, White… with milk and sugar or without, however you take it, it will do the job and warm those cockles.


4. The Hair Dryer

Don’t laugh at this life savior. Our student days are still not behind us, and the hair dryer is still our trusty, go to item when it gets cold.

Just turn it on and hold it under the covers for a minute, pure bliss. Suddenly you’re in the Bahamas.

5. The Hankee Pankee
This is a given but I loved the picture, so forgive me


Hope everyone is staying warm, whatever method you choose.


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