Decorating for Hannukah and Christmas in a Real Life Work Shop

On the 30th of November Abe is undergoing his biggest transformation yet, we are talking major surgery, like Dick Clark style. His facelift will be beautiful and it’s what we’ve wanted to do to him since we first got him, but it makes me more nervous than a mouse in a room full of rocking chairs (learned that one from Duck Dynasty).

We are taking out a load bearing wall, and half of the walls that run perpendicular to it… And a fireplace (there will still be a fireplace in the room and 5 in the house, don’t hate). We are basically taking out a T shape worth of walls and a Santa portal, and hopefully that will be the only thing that comes down…. And not our neighbours home.

I can’t figure out how to show you this, so here is my pathetic excuse for a visual. This is our design for the kitchen and my chicken scratching highlighting where the wall is coming out from

…. No comprende? I’m just going to stick with my day job. No visuals required.

How about I just say, we are taking out 3 skips worth of walls/fireplace.

So yes, my home will be a dustball/ derelict looking mess coming right up to Christmas and smack dab in the middle of Hannukah, but that ain’t going to stop me from decorating.

Hell no, we are going for the work shop look this year….

Plus you know Abe (aka me) is a bit of a drag queen who can’t resist an opportunity to sparkle and dress up. I’ve got big plans for making Abe festive and having a floor with holes in it, is not going to stop me.

My decorating will include making lots of garland to hide things like half missing stair banisters





Besides hiding all things derelict behind garland, I am thinking low lighting will also help.


So will booze and cake!





My only problem now is incorporating Hannukah more into my sparkly decorating scheme. I know it is the older holiday between the two, but somehow the decorations for Hannukah just seem so juvenile next to Christmas ones… I went to have a look on Pinterest, the source of design greatness and look what I found when I searched for Hannukah decorations


Jews of the world we need to put down our latkes and get snapping. There are few beautiful pictures of Hannukah online and I know that’s not the case. Christmas is kicking our Harry Hannukah bushes ass on Pinterest.

Now that I’ve officially joined the clan I will make it my contribution to Judaism to start snapping Hannukah decorations. Albeit in a derelict looking home. But I’m going to need help, ideas… And lots of neon and glitter.

And maybe a puppy?



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