Trick or Treating at the Beckham’s Doesn’t Get You Treats

Hope you all had a haunted Halloween.

I sure did.

As promised, we rocked over to the Beckham’s house for some trick or treating and all we got a look at was his big

Wooden Gate!


I can confirm I was not the only disappointed woman or child there.

I’m just going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he wasn’t in town.

Because surely the Beckham’s love Halloween as much as every other pseudo American.

Besides Beckham’s no show, Halloween was fantastic. You know the Halloween scene from ET? Being from Cheboygan where we had to jump in the mini van between houses I didn’t think Halloween’s like that existed. With hundreds of kids in costume running from house to house.

But let me confirm, Kensington on Halloween is ten times more fabulous than the ET one. It’s like clubbing for kids. Madness. They are everywhere and even better, they wait patiently/not so patiently with other kids at house door steps to get their candy the way 20 year olds wait to get their order in at the bar.

I’m so going back next year.

But now that Halloween is over, it also means it is finally acceptable to start planning for Christmas/Hanukkah!

Gordon and I got on to it. The best recipe so far, gin/pomegranate shots to cleanse the palate (whatever). The recipe involves 1. Gin 2. Pomegranate. I’m all over this one


This Sunday we were back to the grind, if the goal is to get this wall knocked down by Christmas we’ve got some primping to do.

Will plastered the hallway


He is now a professional. Look at his hands, they are so lightning quick


And I worked on fixing the door


Sanding and scraping off paint on the glass that some sloppy plonkers must’ve done 100 years ago.

But the best find was when I dipped the door knobs in vinegar.

They are brass! My favourite sparkle!


The plan is to have the wall knocking down party on the 30th, that’s just 3 weeks away… Can we do it?


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