I Can’t Afford Curtains. This is Sooo Sad I’m Going to Console Myself By Listening to Christmas Music in October

Holy mother of all things pretty, do you have any idea how much curtains cost? They are not some feat of engineering, they are 2-3 pieces if fabric sewed together with a pinch pleat.

I’m such a newby to this house stuff.

Curtains are practically the price of a boiler, which is practically the price of a wedding dress, or a trip to Vietnam. This is mind blowing.

And devastating.

Because I need a boiler, and don’t apparently need curtains.

At least not yet.

But when I do get my new car curtains I’m thinking business in the front, with simple brilliant white fabric and something fun in the back. A mullet for curtains? Is that never acceptable? I’d like to try because you can and will see the back of my curtains from my kitchen window.

And I like the concept of mullets, just not necessarily the execution.

Pinspiration for my mullet curtains








The second to last image is not curtains, it’s wallpaper I would like to make curtains out of, or maybe I can convince my momma llama to make my mullet curtains out of?

It’s going to be a looooonnngggg week, that involves the start of my commissioning accreditation training in Oxford. I’m hoping to get through it with pictures of cats doing stupid things, Christmas music and smart ass comments.

So to start it off right, happy Monday you cool cats



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