Ohhhh Laaaaaaa Laaaaaaa We Live In Downton

I know I’ve mentioned how Royal our posh living room is feeling, but you won’t believe it, we’ve recently lorded it up another notch. I’m going all common Kate remodels for afternoon tea with the queen over here.

How is it possible to fancy it even more you ask? Isn’t the molding, dildo dado rail and parquet floor enough poshness for two jesters?

Nai we say, give us more! We want to feel like we eat caviar for breakfast and live in Downton

And how is this possible?

Hanging pictures on chains!

20131017-075657.jpg picture by Lora Zombie

It brings a whole new dimension to them and us.

20131017-075758.jpg picture by Doug Bevil

My favorite wall

Lionel is no longer lonely


20131017-080618.jpg picture by Jess Russel-Flint and Jack Frame

Who is that fabulous artist with the dinosaurs and baboon? Why it’s only the brilliant Jess Russel-Flint. Now go over to her website and buy up everything before Saatchi does


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