A Little Nugget for all the Googlers Googling ‘Showering in Cows Piss’

Birthday weekend was a blast, thanks to all for making me feel so gosh darn special. I can’t wait for next year when I get to do it all again!

At the end of weekend I got the best surprise of all. It started with me scrolling through my stats for this blog, to see what terms people google search that directs them to here. A normal listing looks like this


Nip slips, boobs and Kate Moss knickers are common searches that a Google directs to this blog. For that I am proud.

But people you won’t believe what I found yesterday


That’s right, someone actually googled ‘
Showering in cows piss,’ and somehow Google eg God, led them to this blog.

Welcome showering in cows piss Googler, this is probably the best place for you to chill for awhile, stay away from those other sites you’ve been led to. Because Google eg God brought us together, I wouldn’t want to tear this relationship a part and while I can’t promise a golden cows piss shower that you crave. I’m not going to judge, and here is something I’ve made just for you


Happy Monday to cows piss Googlers everywhere!


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