When Are We Going To Work on the House Again? Not This Weekend- It’s My Birthday Weekend!

We have not lifted a hammer in about a month. I blame getting our TV set up and running my epic half marathon. There always seems to be a lull when we finish one room and before we start the next- it’s kind of the realisation that we’re starting all over from the beginning in another room. But this lull has been especially prolonged. Our last 3 Sundays have been spent in London or old country pubs.

But I won’t let us get itchy feet yet. We will not be working on the house this weekend because today is my birthday, making this weekend my birthday weekend! Yay an excuse for cake and booze!! 20131011-073629.jpg
I’ve decided that I must be getting older and wiser as I’ve graduated from PBR in red cups to champagne cocktails as my birthday drink. Although I’m not opposed to champagne in red cups?

My birthday is extra special for me because its the day the magic first struck Will and me, we’ve been inseparable since my 23rd birthday.

It all happen when I decided to have a themed 23rd birthday party. And what else represents an American moving to Europe, than a syphilis themed party? Rumour has it Columbus brought it back from the Americas to Europe. And as an American expat I figured it was appropriate to follow in the footsteps of other Americans before me.

Friends came dressed as famous people who had the disease. Hitler, Nietzsche, Kings and pimps. Well almost everyone came dressed…

See him, the tall sober guy peaking out behind my extravagant pirate hat? That’s it. Our first night out together, I had a fake moustache and he was sober.

For those of you who aren’t celebrating your birthday this weekend, you should be planning your Halloween costume. And check out some of the winners I’ve found to help you out. For some reason all of these costumes are presented on children, but obviously Halloween is not for children, it’s for drunk young adults. Just imagine these costumes on stumbling, adult sized people.

20131011-074214.jpg this one is for Court

20131011-074739.jpgfor the dude who double fists at the bar

20131011-075056.jpgok this costume doesn’t work on adults, but is so damn cute on kids

20131011-075518.jpg always a good idea to rock the grilled granny

Or you could wear my lucky costume and be a drunk American with a moustache, looking for her man. Preferably one without syphilis.

Happy Weekend!


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