I Did It! I Ran A Whole Half Marathon!

You won’t believe it, because I don’t believe it. But I did it. I ran a whole half marathon. For those wondering, I did it in 2:01:26. I felt like lightning the first half, death through mile 9-10 and happy it was almost over from mile 11.

20131007-074426.jpgDeath mile 9?

We stayed with our Furst family the night before because Karen was also running. It was so sweet, Will, Warren and the kids ran around and met us at 4 different locations. Karen was wayyyyyy to quick for me but she helped push me along until mile 7, when I couldn’t keep up with her lightning speed anymore. Seeing them on the sidelines put a perk in my step and knowing I wasn’t alone in the run made it easier.

During the death miles 9-10 I had some inspiration to draw from, like family cheering on the sidelines, family and friends who’ve supported me, Will, the charity I was running for and DAVID BECKHAM hotness!


Yes Karen and I spotted him right before the race with his daughter on a scooter. I took this as a lucky sign the race would be a-ok. And it was.

20131007-074239.jpgHappier by mile 11?

I’m so thankful for everyone who has supported me and St. Mungo’s during this. I couldn’t have done it without my family and friends. Most of all I raised £535.36!!!!! That’s enough to get a couple of runaways off the streets and into permanent housing, and I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks everyone! That was my one and only half marathon and I’m just so gosh darn happy….

20131007-074747.jpg pic with lickity split quick Karen and her friend Susie

It’s over!


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