Series: The Young and The Homeless

I’ve decided to start a series to help inspire me while I run this half marathon- because lord knows 13 miles is going to take me 3 hours, and that is a dangerous amount of time to let my brain wonder.

I’m calling the series ‘The Young and the Homeless’ and will remind myself what happens when someone becomes homeless. And why the blisters are worth it. If you think so too you can donate here

So without further ado….

Part 1: The Snow White Problem

The most vulnerable time when a young person runs away is the first 48 hours. Groomers wait by bus stops and near hostels to pick up the runaways. Assholes. They offering things like shelter, food and protection. You know what happens in exchange.

We all learned this when Snow White got picked up by 7 men right after running away.

20130927-081521.jpg poor Snow White

Disney knew what they were doing by also giving her groomers stupid names, like Dopey and Doc. I knew a groomer who called himself Tic. I mean, facial hair and stupid names are giveaways for creepsters.

What we could do instead of having these monsters pick up our vulnerable babies is have safe housing for them to go to. Young people are always going to runaway- and lots of them have a really good reason for doing so. Normally it’s abuse at home. Instead of watching them jump into the arms of groomers, we could give them another options for shelter.

Because would you trust this guy?



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