TV! TV! Oh How We Missed Thee

We were absolutely determined to get that living room ready by Sunday evening. The goal was to watch a movie and have a fire rolling, I think we wanted to feel like we live in a lodge in the mountains and not suburbia.

So after sleepovers at friends houses on Friday and Saturday, when we got home on Sunday we really got cracking.


And she looks good


And the best bit….

TV!!!! After not having one for 9 months we are so glad we will no longer live like hippies!!!

Books schmooks, a new season of Downtown is calling my name.


But all hope was lost when we realised there was absolutely no way I’d be able to lift our sofa bed couch to the living room.

No sofa? No movie? No fire?

Then we realised- hey we’ve been hippies for the last 9 months.

No sofa- no problem. We’ll sit on the floor


We will not be beaten.

And yes the fire roared


Only thing missing was a trellis.


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