Ode to All The Poor Neglected Ceilings of The Pinterest World

Our floor is looking so hott right now- It basically screams herringboner. Mr. Dobble has even said we will be able to use that room as an actual ‘living room’ by the end if the week. Like put up our art and sit by the fire. Holy moly!!!!!!

But the meaning of todays post is to chat ceilings. The most neglected wall in a room. I actual think ceilings are so neglected only because people forget how important the ceiling is to the overall feel of a room.

I feel so convinced a ceiling can set the tone of a room I embraced ceilings for our wedding. Like a mad woman I braided 500 metres of fabric and 50 lanterns and our faithful friends helped stick them up to the ceiling of our venue.


Yes I am crazy, but the fun ceiling really set the tone for what was a fun filled and beautiful day.

And recently I’ve been harking about ceilings to other and all bloggers. I get the impression people are jumping on the dark bandwagon which is fabulous but if they think just painting their walls dark makes a room cozy and sexy I’d say unfortunately its not that easy.

Look here- what’s wrong with this beautiful room?

It doesn’t scream snuggles. The white ceiling visually shortens the room. It also just normalises the whole thing. Looking at the fab neon pink table I assume the owners of this house are not normal. I love this room but feel for that poor ceiling.

Look what it could be like
See how the ceilings look high and it looks like you are being surrounded instead of stunted. Paint that ceiling girl

Look here, again all wrong

Ahhh this feels better


And if you want to be really fancy and have cash coming outta your pockets like the monopoly man, why not go for wood ceilings



Ceilings are great, you can paint them, stripe them, plaid them, wallpaper them, cover them in wood or mirrors, decorate them with cornice….

But whatever you do, if the feeling you are going for in a room is cozy and surrounded, you won’t get that with a white ceiling.

This post is brought to you by Painted Ceilings 4 Life.


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