Farrow and Ball Fail

As you can guess, now that we are getting closer to finishing the living room

I’m day dreaming about the kitchen.

And for the past 9 months I have been looking for the perfect colour for the walls. I’ve been searching high and low, until this beauty came along from Farrow and Ball, as one if their potential new colours during their
colour contest to find their next 9 new shades .

The colour is United Nations Charter, and it is unfucking believable, beautiful (and pays homage to my bible). No colour could ever compare. It’s the mother of all the colours. But it didn’t win. It should have. See the beauty

They leave me no choice- I’m going to have to rip it off. It’s Farrow and Bal’s own fault. How could they leave a colour this beautiful up to the masses to decide instead of just putting it on their new colour chart.

This colour won instead

This colour should be called-I’m trying not to be magnolia, but really…. I am just as boring as magnolia. They call it Purbeck Stone. Whatever. I’m bitter. In calling it Bitter Stoned.

Farrow and Ball, get your shit together. 8 of your 9 new colours are boring.

If I had a paint company, I would not have 50 shades of white and magnolia and 10 of everything else. Just saying.

So I’m going to rip it off.

I’ve also decided to use the University of Michigan Law School Library for inspiration- more homage to come



2 thoughts on “Farrow and Ball Fail

  1. Hi…new here but I have to agree with you. You are not wrong! I didn’t know about the contest but that colour is awesome! I want it for my bedroom…but that’s ok. I’ve got a guy who can match it for me! 🙂

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