Comm is Go! Everyone Come See My Guest/Sisters Room

I want to show you the guest/Cassie’s bedroom but….

we aren’t in the position to buy snazzy new furniture or home decor yet for the room (or anywhere in the house for that matter) so the styling isn’t quite there yet.

Also I won a light on eBay to go in the room…. But it can’t go up yet because the electrics are all wrong.

So I didn’t know if I should show you all this yet. I thought maybe I should wait until its perfect to reveal.

I consulted my amigo Michael, him and his beautiful wife Kara are a part of the LADEE mission to the moon. He rocks the communications part of the mission.

When I asked him if I should communicate my new room to the outside world, he told me exactly what he said to Houston to launch that mission to the moon.

Comm is GO!

So without further ado, here is the room

And if ever you need a push to launch something of your own, remember Michael’s advice


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