How to Lay A Parquet Floor

Surprisingly, we did it! We laid the heck outta that parquet floor.

The parquet came from our Nanny’s house, she didn’t like it- we did.

But every piece had this black tar stuff on it- where it had been stuck down before- that all had to be cleaned off.

And that stuff was gross and got everywhere. It took Will 12 hours to clean those tiles- he will say this was by far the worst job so far.

I would agree (not that I did more than 50 tiles), the tar got in every pore of poor Dobble

The tar ruined our bed sheets and is still stuck on our bath and shower floor, the washer, dryer and Dobble’s skin.

But we got there in the end! We laid the floor- I was the gluer and Will was the tile layer.

Still to come, the border, sanding and staining….. Oh Abe, it never ends!


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