Shanah Tovah 4 Eva

It’s Rosh Hashanah! Meaning Jewish New Year!

20130905-074134.jpgFranny, the first Jew I ever knew

Welcome in the year 5774! Didn’t think you’d live to see the 22nd century Gentiles, let alone the 58th? Congrats. Obvs us Jews know the Lunar calendar is wayyyy cooler than the Gregorian.

Today is the day we blow the shofar and look back at our mistakes over the past year and start planning new ones changes for the next.

Reflection is key, and this year Dobble and I have a load to reflect on.

To celebrate a sweet new year we eat apples and hunny, or anything with honey….and apples. Or just the honey. Really anything sweet will do. Pinterest is all over this.


On Rosh Hashanah we hang out with friends and family. Tonight we are going to our friends house that have become family.

So here’s to a beautiful and healthy New Year! Maybe also one with a new kitchen?

Shanah tovah!


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