Sneak Peak at our Stripes

Morning butt-munchkins.

Do you remember this post about the ceiling in Cassie’s room (aka the guest room)?

Remember I decided stripes would be best, cause my sister is a bit preppy but with a neon love twist. She is sorority girl meets geek. And like any ex-sorority girl who gets punched in the noggin because they have an exam during Greek week, she may think those girls are on crack, but she still loves her boat shoes.

I loved the idea of a stripe ceiling in Cassie’s room but boy oh-boy were those stripes controversial, both in this house and outside.

Let’s just say there were plenty of non-believers out there. Mr. Dobble being one of them.

But non-believers step aside- we’ve striped this ceiling and it’s coming out beautiful 20130904-074907.jpg20130904-074927.jpg20130904-074945.jpg

We’re finishing up this week for my girl Yaz’s arrival this weekend (yay!), but I can tell you already I’m really impressed with myself and Will. Normally these things are only pretty in my head, but upon execution they just look like a Tarantino film. But this is fun and the room is starting to just remind me of my Young-Blood Sissy sooo much.

Lesson learned- give everything a try. If it looks like nonsense, just paint over it.


Stripes for life!


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