We be Jamming. How We Made Jam/Jelly

I’ve never been Susie homemaker. I’d say my marriageable qualities are more Saucy (censored version) than Susie.

But my Sophie is an expert at all things to do with cooking and we decided I needed a lil lesson. So yesterday when the boys went out to play bad cops (shoot clay pigeons), Soph taught me how to make jam/jelly, from scratch!

First we picked our berries and apples- no joke- we foraged for this shit


The recipe went something like this
900 grams of berries
900 grams of applies
2 tbs of water
Copious amounts of sugar 1800 grams or something outrageous.

Then you chuck your berries, apples and water into a jam pot

In the pot you go

Wait for it to get soft and then chuck in all your sugar.

And here is the tricky bit- the temperature has to get to 105 Celsius, that’s like Japanese torture chambers hot. So we waited and waited and finally it got there.

And there was loads of jam for everyone


And I’ve decided I’m pretty much a jammer now that Soph has taught me the ways. Thanks Soph


And I know this post has nothing to do with DIY or houses-but I’ve brought you a lesson on how to make jam, everyone loves jam?!

Anyways, I’ll leave you with this beauty we saw in Canterbury on Friday.

Jam on!


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