Where is the Money? Budgeting in your Late 20s

We are on a budget- which is nothing I am any good at anyways, but this budget is tighter than a gnat’s twat. Ewwww?

So tight that when Will’s fan belt broke yesterday and we needed to spend £100 on getting his smart car fixed- I nearly cried. Back in the day we could spend £100 on a pair of shoes and not really think about it. Now a days everything is measured by the price of the project.

So here are a couple of things we’ve learned while living like students in our mid-late 20s.

1. Buy your groceries online

Every one thinks I am crazy to buy our groceries from Ocado online. But I’m telling you now, this is the first time we’ve ever been able to stick to a budget. Buying online forces you to plan your meals, you can compare prices of things based on grams or ml and order the items in terms of cost from lowest to highest in your search. Bonus- there is none of that impulse buying….. Unless you order your groceries drunk on a Friday night like I did the other week, then you end up with a roast chicken that doesn’t work without a oven. Oops

2. Take good care if your shit, cause you’ll be wearing it into the next decade

I’ve started to think about items of clothing as investment pieces. Who says my Zara skirt can’t be handed down to my future daughter? Reality is it probably won’t make it till next Christmas, but if I treat it as nicely as I would an inherited piece, it may last a little longer.

3. Be a Dobblewobble

Loads of you have asked why Will’s nickname is Dobblewobble. Well it’s because back when we had a television we saw a series on the people in India who deliver lunches in buckets to offices- they are called dabbawala’s.

20130830-094232.jpg these are hard working men and women who feed most of Mumbai.

The next morning Will made our pack lunches, and me being the numbty that I am, couldn’t remember the actual name of the profession, and instead of dabbawala it came out at Dobblewobble. It’s stuck. And today Dobblewobble still packs our lunches and fills up our travel mugs with coffee every morning. It saves us loads of money. Without the travel mug I would impulse buy a coffee every day. And it’s super sweet that he makes it 🙂

4. Forget FOMO

FOMO (fear of missing out) is dumb. So dumb it has made it into the Oxford dictionary, next to omnishambles, selfie and TL:DR (too long, didn’t read).

Forget FOMO- you are going to miss out on some things. Otherwise you are the opposite, a MKM, Marvin K, Mooney.

Don’t you remember Marvin? Dr. Sues had a little lesson for people who always wanted to play and never went home….

The lesson was when you play, play hard. But you don’t need to do it all the time, that’s just indulgent and annoying to others. Be wise with how you decide to play, which brings me to the next point.

5. Be there for loved ones

So you can’t go to the movies, drinks or out for a meal. You are officially a loser.

But if your friends still love you, they’ll understand the dire situation you are in and can meet at a park, for coffee or over for dinner. Don’t say no to being with friends and family, that’s not budgeting, it’s being selfish and silly, instead just choose your activity a little better.

And don’t forget to save now for the really important things in life that matter, like weddings, funerals and major life events. There is no point waiting to save if you know friends will be getting hitched in far off places or (at home). Because these girls (and others!) are my hunnies and I would go anywhere and eat 500 spaghetti dinners to be with them when they need me, or during life events (like weddings and baby showers- come on gals, wed and breed already!!)


Have a fabulous weekend doing whatever it is normal people do. I’ll be scraping parquet or striping ceilings.

Any one else have tips for living like a student, without having the perks of a student loan?


2 thoughts on “Where is the Money? Budgeting in your Late 20s

  1. This is a great list, I went from not even paying my own cell phone to running finances after our wedding and 2 week long honeymoon, it was a shock to say the least. But yes, I needed a new tire yesterday and to the tune of $200, not a happy lady. I was SUPPOSED to go fall shopping tomorrow (for clothes to pass down to my great great great grandchildren).

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