Christmas is Cancelled

I’ve been praying to the DIY gods (ha like they exist!) that I’d get a kitchen in time to make a roast dinner for Christmas.

I didn’t say the roast had to be edible, just to have an oven by Christmas would be bliss. Then me and Julia Child could get our cook on like we do
But alas, I’ve been told that due to unfortunate circumstances such as needing a new Audi/ I mean boiler- but same price, and the fact that actually taking out a load bearing wall and a fireplace is a big job….. I won’t see my kitchen until January.


That means we will go Thanksgiving, Christmas and Brew Years (not autocorrect, I just think its more appropriate) with-
No stuffed turkey
No pumpkin pie
No Christmas cookies

(Ok actually it means, no pizza rolls, chicken nuggets or christmas cookies- but still, throw a girl a bone).

My familia is suppose to be coming this Christmas and we’ve had their festive arrival as a target for finishing up the kitchen since we bought the place in Jan. I’ve been keeping a Christmas ornament hung up in the kitchen to remind me of what we’re working towards. And now due to the expense of the boiler and taking a wall out, we are just going to be one month or so late.

Bugger! See why Abe and me are breaking up right now? He is always letting me down. Typical queen, ditching me.

But I’m keeping my chin up and being positive. This is mostly because everyone gets mad when I wallow in hopelessness and my birthday is coming up, and I’m still hoping if I’m good I’ll get a dog.

Plus this gives me more time to scheme up the perfect kitchen for us. So far this includes a rolling ladder, cabinets to the ceiling and a china cabinet that would get anyone excited.

So here are the plans to date

Do you see the rail in there for a beauty and the beast, library style ladder? Because we are having one- like this

Because the kitchen is part dining room and part study, we are combining my favourite things food and books, into one room. The theme for the mood board is currently Einstein meets Julia Child for tea- and Madonna crashes the party.

Some inspiration

See we’ve got Julia loving these drawers

And Madonna brings the neon

Einsteins bookcase

But anyways, this won’t apparently happen until after Christmas. Can anyone else think of some nifty things we should include in the plan? Like where to the dog bowl?!

Until then, we will be cleaning 1000 pieces of old parquet flooring. Wish us luck



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