Sore Eye for Sore Tots

Thanks for all your positive vibes last week. While I’d still love a kitchen, I’m getting out of the rot slowly and surely.

This weekend was the last of the long weekends in the UK (or bank holiday weekends, think Labor Day yanks)- next stop Christmas. Come on Yuletide…

In order to properly appreciate the last bit of summer, Will had his first DIY accident that brought us to the emergency room, where we sat in the company of plenty of other limping and/or bleeding men. His was plaster in the eye, a big glop that fell in while we has touching up the ceiling. No bueno.

But lets start from the beginning.

First, we started the weekend by pulling up the floor in the living room, we know there is no shame in this because we grew up listening to the wise words if Aaliyah (RIP), ‘If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again…. You can dust it off and try again.’

So because the floor wasn’t even enough to lay down the parquet we got our Aaliyah on…. See

And even better, how much fun is this new app I found for pictures! Prepare for it to be overused this week, then I will forget about it and move on to something else…

But with this App everything becomes more fun

His eye became more dramatic 20130827-072618.jpg

Will became a pirate (ok maybe sailor?) when he used his eye flush


And he got blessed by the Bishop (ok it’s his dad looking at his eye)

Lovin the app.

While Will worked on Monday, I went to a country fair with the inlaws and outlaws.

Here we all reevaluated thoughts on child birth. Look at this poor momma piggy, those greedy piglets were sucking her sore. 20130827-072653.jpg
Is this what children do, or only piglets?
Because that momma looked tired and sore.

Besides sore tots, there were also cows


And baby brother inlaws selling tractors


And these ladies. This is my favourite
Check us out, pug and all. I tried my best to pull off the Rar Rar Rar, but I bought those wellies in Woolwich, and the top was Urban. This gal ain’t foolin no one. I’m more roar than rar, ain’t that right Lionel

Next up, our brand spanking new kitchen design…


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