His and Hers the Coving and the Gun Cabinet

We’ve had a couple of additions to our house this week. Coving and a gun cabinet, can you guess which one is his?

So we’ll start with the coving.

Ohhhhh it looks so pretty, it’s just how I imagined it. Unlike myself, this room is looking classy.

Will-the-Wonderful put up the coving and paneling

And I was so happy


I mean soooo happy. I could’ve promised him blowies for a year.

Luckily I didn’t.

We are busy enough.

But hey, Will finally got his gun cabinet .

Which I wasn’t cool with, but have to agree that the Brits do it right. In order for Will to be allowed to buy a shot gun he has to have a locked (and bolted to the wall) gun cabinet. This thing looks like a safe.

And then the cops come out to your house to inspect the cabinet. They spend a half hour asking you questions about laws and what happens if you press the trigger and the thing doesn’t fire, and so on. Will seriously got a grilling. I loved watching him squirm but the cop was not smiling.

At the end of it all I felt a bit more comfortable with it. Will knew his stuff and if the gun cabinet was safe enough for Officer Krupke, it should be fine.

The whole experience was very different from just buying a gun at Walmart. And this is for a shotgun- you’re only allowed shotguns in the UK. No semi-automatics for this sensible country.

And anyways, I’m not opposed to firing a clay or two



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