Friday Fun Day! Art, Rails and Fanny Packs

Guess what I came home to yesterday? Only the most handsome baboon you will ever find!


The beautiful and super duper talented Jess Russell-Flint heard I was lushing hard over her baboon and generously sent him my way. I can’t wait to get him framed and keep him and look at him forever and ever and ever.

Check out Jess’s art. It is all clever and fun stuff. What she does with colours just blows my mind. When you look at her stuff it makes you smile and is just so pretty that you can’t stop looking… and smiling!





And here is Jess’s tumblr. Did I mention we have her dino’s as well- we are super spoiled, I know. Those beauties are going up in our living room once it’s finished.

And if ever anyone ever wants to buy me a present, (say for something like turning 28 years young in a couple months?) they could always find me something of Jess’s (cough cough Me. Dobble).

In other news, we-ok Will, have really cracked on with this living room. Yesterday the dildo rail dado rail went up. Today the rest of the paneling will get put in place and Saturday the coving comes!

Our goal is to have this room done enough to have another place to sit in the house besides our bed or kitchen table by Sept 1st. Btw, I’m not joking- our bed and kitchen table have been the only places we can rest our bums in Abe for the past 6 months. My bum wants to place itself down on a soft sofa!

Check out our rails





Our next big decision is the flooring… How purple should we go? Whatever we decide its going in next week.

Looking forward to solving the worlds biggest puzzle with the old parquet flooring we get to arrange next week.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and stay away from the dude that wrote this book.



Get your fanny pack on- its Friday!

Cassandra Joy Simmons, rocking the Friday Fanny pack since 1988


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