White Walls- We Gettin There

Morning Buttchkins, hope your weekend was as fabulous as Bobby’s


Me? I’ve had a cold I’ve been trying to hold off for the past week with my secret recipe I learned in college- booze and pain killers. But unlike in college, it doesn’t seem to be working. So I’m like this instead 20130812-075239.jpg

This weekend was a write off- after a delicious Friday at friends who recently got married- I was Rip Vanwinkle, all weekend!

So instead here is a cute picture of my younger sister who I now live vicariously through


Check her out with the two hott fellas. Live it up young blood.

When I woke up for like 4 hours, we sanded and painted the walls of the living room. We’re ordering the coving tonight and I think you guys are going to really like it. It’s a bit art-deco, but aren’t we all.

And so below is the progress we’ve made with old Abe.

Check out the ceiling, Mr. Dobble not only plastered that, he has started painting it.


Now this ladies and gents is real love. Swoon.



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