Moulding/Cornice Depending on Country of Origin

The next purchase is some moulding for this living room of ours. I want something boobalicious, something that catches everyone’s attention and livens up the place.

Options include:
Fancy boxes

Vines and floweral-ness

Stuff that resembles moulding already in other parts of the house


Some crazy architect design


I’m convinced the moulding (ok ok cornice to the Brits, I’m do bilingual) makes or breaks the room. And when it goes bad, it really goes bad.

Like this is beautiful


This is beautiful.


And then there is this

This is bad. Ugly tacky shit

That is what I don’t want it to look like- a 3 star hotel, trying to be 5.

So what do you think? How decorative do we go and when is it *gasp too much?


Tell me I'm wrong

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