Inspiration Necessary

Today I’m going to need some inspiration. I’ve unfortunately got 2 homicide reviews and on top of that, service specifications for new domestic and sexual violence services due by 5. I’ve been having nightmares about getting the service specifications wrong -what that would mean to survivors of abuse. And I know I’m one if the lucky people who love their job but I am sooooo glad it is Friday. I’m going to really enjoy coming home to this glass of wine and Mr. Dobble to talk to

And just letting go over the weekend
20130802-070828.jpg this pic is from Woodstock, who takes their baby to Woodstock?

I don’t know how successful I’ll be at the ‘letting go,’ bit. We’ve hired a machine to help us put plasterboard over the asbestos ceiling. I think you crank it and the plasterboard raises then you screw the new plasterboard over the asbestos- all while wearing ghostbuster outfits .

That’s the theory.

I’ll let you know how it actually works on Monday.

Back to necessary inspiration.

Me having to wear a ghostbuster outfit on a Sunday instead of lounging in a smoking jacket (like I own one…) is because we want our living room to be finished… And to look like this

See what it could be and why you will all want to come and visit us and come over for tea/wine. A beauty!

Hope you all get a chance to get down with your bad selves this weekend and just let go



4 thoughts on “Inspiration Necessary

  1. I’m with you on the whole learning to let go thang, especially when you have a stressful job, my inspiration for you…Look to the Buddha and eat some more chocolate

    The pics look amazing tho…what a living room to look forward too!! 🙂

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