Perusing Paris

We gave ourselves a mini-vacay to see this beautiful lassy and her happy family 20130801-070403.jpg

Unfortunately though I am a complete bellend and booked the tickets wrong- so our time with Cait and the Gadel Clan was limited.

Which meant no bad dancing! This is unfortunate for the French more than anything else, we thought they could use some more culture, and this would expand their understanding of grooving …

Did I mention our reunion was in Paris? Oh yes…. Such a beauty- it was Mr. Dobble’s first time in this city, so we saw and ate everything. Whatever was the special, we ate it or drank it, and loved it.
When we weren’t stuffing out faces with French goodness we were generally walked around looking lost…

But despite our wanderlust, they always spoke to us in French, and then got mad when the only thing we could say back in French was

‘Pepe Le Pew’?

The French are so tense about their language…

We got our tourist on and did that pic pinching the Louvre, because everyone else was doing it. Paris has basically set up the area around the Louvre for this, with pillars fir people to stand up on to be the right height for the pinch.I’m pretty convinced there must be an inside joke from France to the rest if the world locked up in this picture. Maybe the next will Dan Brown novel will answer it

Or Dante. This is going to surprise many but actually on a hot summers say, the Louvre is the 7th layer of hell. An unsuspecting one- see our happy faces before we went in.

This is not how we looked on the way out.

The best bit about the Louvre is how beautiful the building is, and the artwork- dint get me wrong- But this is all ruined by the fact that this wench lurks here
Because of her the place is covered in people with large cameras, fanny packs and strollers. The magic and soul that is normally found in a gallery was completely sucked dry in this place. You couldn’t move and like the Sartre play, we couldn’t find the Exit!

The best thing we could do was try to blank it from our memory.

But the rest of Paris really is beautiful. We went to the Eiffel tower…which I always thought was something else.. 20130801-065441.jpg

Saw all those love lockets20130801-065755.jpg

And admired all of the design

Like this hallway, this is the landing to a doctors office. Can you imagine going to this every time you needed to see the doc? I’d constantly have a cold..

Will would tell me off and walk away when I started sneaking in buildings to admire their moulding, but I couldn’t stop myself, there were pretty buildings everywhere 20130801-070454.jpg

Even their public transport signs were beautifully designed

All of that French design inspired us to put up our own moulding, and last night ol’ Lionel the Lion was put up above the door 20130801-070321.jpg

We are so French now!

We loved Paris hard, brought back wine (duh) and cant wait to go back to the land of Pepe le Pew.


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