Bring It On

Well I did it, I spent a Saturday being a big girl and working on old Abe, instead of working on my tan. And what I learned was
1). I still need a dog
2). Radio 2- midday on a Saturday is beyond boring
3). Our neighbours are sweet- but their cats have no souls

But it happen- I stripped a hallway and a ceiling. It was no easy task. I didn’t realise I would have to take down 3 layers of wallpaper

But I finished. One of the hallways has no wallpaper and looks as plain and boring as the office of a suspect in a fraud case 20130731-082505.jpg
where there once was loads of activity- there is now nothing. It’s just so empty.

Same with the ceiling in the guest bedroom- which I am still planning on stripe-ing. No one can talk me out of this.
All this time to myself was going just fine, until my neighbours cats got involved.

Stoopid felines.

For those who don’t know, our neighbours have 3 cats, which is 2 beyond the allotted cat number for people who live in cities (is this a rule? It should be… like no drum kits… Or recorders) – but whatev, our neighbours are sweet, plus her name is Kelly. It’s not their fault their cats won’t shit in their own backyard.

But one of those lil cougars took it to the next level and broke into our house. We were cat burgled! He then proceeded to hide out under the floor joists in the living room- treating it as the worlds biggest kitty litter and refused to get out.


Since that day Will and I have started our own campaign to expel the rodents from our backyard. This involves Will getting a bucket full of water and chucking it on them and me hissing like an angry cat. Will’s method seems to work better but mine is just as fun.

I thought we were winning the war, until I saw this on Saturday.

Those bastards have climbed into our living room again and left their paw prints on the window!

Felines 1- homeowners 0

We are planning our revenge, more details to come. It will be dramatic.

On Sunday Mr. Dobble came home and we plastered. I continued with my very important role of being the plaster scooper and have no perfected my technique

And he even let me have a go. 20130731-082810.jpg
This pic is not just for effect, he really let me plaster…for 2 minutes.

The room was looking good, but we were missing something.

Introducing Lionel the Lion.


Lionel was chosen from the largest and most beautiful garden sculpture tat shop in England – my idea of heaven.


It was remarkable that Lionel won, especially considering we could have chosen tats with willies.


But he outsmarted all the other tat statues


And if you were us, and doing up a diva house- where would you put ol’ Lionel?

No- not in the garden- that doesn’t exist yet.

In the living room- above the door, to scare off those fookin’ cats

Bring it on



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