Back to the Grind

After 1 month off – it’s back to the chopping block for us.

Last night Mr. Dobble was plastering until 10 PM, and I was his plaster scooper- this job is only slightly more technical than the ice scream scooper, not as dangerous as a pooper scooper, and not as cool as the news scooper.

But hey ho- it’s a job and I gotta make my keep.

Especially because we were having too much fun with friends, Andy and Trine who came for a visit and to meet Abe on Sunday to do anything productive this weekend.

But Abe is still a bomb site- so after a quick look around we took them to civilised Rochester.

In Rochester there are castles, cathedrals and beer gardens playing Jazz. We also saw Charles Dickens old house, which is in even worse condition than Abe.
dick’s old pad
But isn’t the lavender pretty?

On Sunday my lil sissy taught me how to use snap chat. I’m still learning how to use it but its basically love at first type.

And then we got a royal baby, well an official one. Lots of parents have babies they think of as princes and princesses. The most interesting thing about this birth is the difference in how this was reported compared to William’s birth. Check out the then and nows20130723-080022.jpg
And the fact that I’m convinced Kate isn’t human, how does she pop out such a cute bubba and still look beautiful the next day?

But back to our baby, Abe….

We’ve started doing the plastering in the living room and guess what we found when we took off the wall socket to plaster…. More f’ing wallpaper! You wouldn’t believe it- this one was not even anywhere else to be found in the house – I’m thinking its from the 60’s, what do you think?
Have we talked about the wallpaper in this place? Well over 1,000 rolls of it have been found. She hoarded this stuff like alcoholics hide bottles. It’s been everywhere- in cupboards, boxes in the basement, under the sink. 1000 rolls of vintage wallpaper- It is a hipsters dream. We’ve tossed most of it- but I’ve kept about 50 rolls of the real goodies. I guess for my inner hipster or for a bit of nostalgia



But check out the boys plastering, he has quickly mastered the art- which is something only Will could do via YouTube and 3 tries.

And if will gets to be the Prince of Plastering, I’m going to be his Stupendous Scooperer, that’s right, my job needs to be important to.



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