Single Ladies- Go Forth and Purchase Chanel

So we’ve had to be grown ups and purchase this

here’s to hoping it makes my food edible
If you can’t tell what that is behind the concrete blocks, that is my living room and the shiny object is a range master- the thing has so many gadgets and bits I thought it could bake a cake on its own, sadly Will has informed me we still have to make the cake, this bad girl just bakes it.


But I tell you what, when you see half your pay check/wages/insert appropriate countries slang/ go to a large metal box that belongs in a kitchen you start to get a bit of a lump in your throat.

Or you handle it my way

Cause growing up and spending money on home wares can be a little overwhelming and sad.

So to all my single friends and those who are coupled but haven’t yet got that mortgage, I have one bit of advice I’d like to give you that I wish someone would have given me.

Buy that Chanel bag now hunny. Go on. What are you waiting for, It’s an investment. Buy it before something bigger comes and you can’t rationalise the £1k bag. Same for dudes. Buy those golf clubs now, because if I ain’t ever going to see Chanel this side of my late 20’s, you sure wont be seeing titanium wedges (or whatever expensive golf clubs are). So do it- buy them now. Your married ass will thank me 🙂

I am sadly without the said Chanel, but to be honest, expensive bags weren’t really my thing. I’ve got my nuts and bolts and that’s all I need



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