Santa’s Got A Beak And Bad Timing

That’s right- we were all geared up to have a rare Sunday kind of sleep. Wake up at 10 and start the day with a cuppa…. Ahh the joy of being childless with no responsibilities.

But then, this trouble maker fell down the chimney #notsanta


Can’t see him? Here is a closer look


The kid in me has always wanted a fireplace- (most of us yanks don’t grow up with one) I always figured it would be much easier to catch santa through this portal. I never figure they could be used for tipsy birds.

None the less, he woke our asses up at 8. And after that kind of weird start to the day, there is no going back to bed.

So we started clearing up our living room- because that’s the next room we’re working on!!!

Our current living room 20130611-191311.jpg

What not liveable? Here I’ll remind you about the mood board for this room. It’s grown up.
molding-living-rom-mood-board-page-0.jpg 2,479×3,508 pixels

In this room I’m trying to reign in my desire to go with bold colours and loads of layers- this is suppose to be sophisticated. But we’ve already decided we are going to hide a monkey in the molding. That’s grown up and sophisticated enough for us.


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