No Inspiration to Report

Of recent days I’d much rather be BBQing than inside painting. Work is relentless and right now there seems like no end in sight to this DIYing.

I’ve gone from feeling like this….

To this 20130606-082328.jpg

We’ve got all sorts of exciting things planned the next month, a secret girls getaway trip planned next weekend and a trip back to the Old Country for family and wedding shenanigans on the 20th that I CAN NOT WAIT FOR!

This Sunday is suppose to be another beautiful day… but it will be no pimms for us, I have a feeling our Sunday will look like this


And I’ll want to be Woodstocking


In this long wait for our house to get done, I’m starting to really miss our little ground floor flat on Oval….



Ahh the good old days, when I had a living room


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