Holes in the Walls

We’ve been lax this past week, with friends staying at Abe and then over the weekend we went to visit friends at their new home in Cheltenham. All we’ve been able to get done is to hang up a couple of things on the wall and pull some saplings that were growing in the backyard. These lazy days are making me remember what its what it’s like to have a life….

Cassie’s room now has a convex mirror and resurrection Rex is back up!

The bathroom also now has a convex mirror. Because really why would you need to look at yourself in the loo?

Our friends that came to visit had just got back from a 5 month stint in Kenya where they set up a biodiesel plant for the villagers to convert cooking oil to diesel, pretty cool. You can check it out here.

They were carrying around a box of wooden masks made by some of the local men. The men asked them to sell it in a gallery in the US. Well when they opened it all up it was just so beautiful that we grabbed ourselves a couple of pieces.


I love them! My only request is that they don’t go in a bedroom- I think they are scary staring at you.

And our Lora Zombie piece is here and up!


That’s it- just a couple holes in the freshly plastered walls. Will have to get to those stripes on the ceiling next weekend.


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