Cassie’s Room all Covered in Jazz hands

Just a quick update as we’ve got friends over this week, and you wont adam and eve it (more on becoming a Brit later) but out friends have their own ‘guest/Cassie’ room! At one stage we we thought we would be rolling out the air mattress and driving everyone over to my Mum in laws for a shower. But after many hours of plastering, plumbing and painting- oh my goodness Abe is open for business!

In order to have a place for our friends to sleep, Will and I have been busy beavers. Plastering and painting all weekend, and then Will would follow behind me and paint wherever I had been. He’s such a perfectionist and I get too excited and rush to get the ‘step back and take it all in’ moment- normally because I’m scared it won’t work.

Cassie’s room was a mini mission to get the paint colours. Do you know that no one makes fluorescent neon pink wall paint? I’m not joking- there has to be a market out there of people like me looking for a bit of neon- entrepreneurs please start mass producing this and dump out the magnolia.

So instead of choosing another colour, I found a solution.

It involved spray paint 20130530-075626.jpg

Will is so patient with me.

First i’ll show you what happens when i paint.

I get covered in it.

Also in this photo I found it necessary to scold Cassie for not being here to paint her room. 3000 miles is obviously no excuse.

She has been ignoring my calls all weekend.

The whole design is based off Cassie and what reminds me of her. Right now that means navy blue, neon and stripes. In truth she is a yellow gal, but I feel like we’ve been there and done that. Almost every room she has ever had, has a yellow wall. This one will have yellow accessories- but that’s all.

At first I thought it was a brilliant idea to paint one wall tan- to tone the whole thing down. But I got the wrong colour (too yellow) and it turned out to be not such a good idea 20130530-080708.jpg

It’s no problem, we repainted it


I know some if you aren’t believers in this paint colour yet- but give me some time to style it

And I still need to stripe that ceiling.

I promise it will work. Kinda like this… Navy, green and pink?

I’m going to masculinise it with some old leather chairs and neato burrito lights. I know the neon is in yo face, but so is my sissy (except when she is ignoring my phone calls…. Sissy are you out there?)

Besides even if it just doesnt quite look right yet, a bit of confidence solves everything. Case in point

Jazz hands!


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