Ceilings Are Fun

Let’s just begin with saying that what happen in Woolwich is disgusting and soooo sad. My thoughts go out to the family. For those who don’t know, read here

Those women who confronted the killers and protected the soldier from further harm are bad-ass. They deserve knighthood.

But my escapism from reality is this house… So…

Lets talk Cassie’s room… Will has been busy plastering and I’m busy with well my favourite past time… scheming up paint colours and themes.

This room is all based on Cass, my beautiful feisty sister. She is preppy but marches to her own drum. So work with me here, I’m thinking navy or Thai sapphire with hott pink and yellow or camel. It needs to have a bit of naughty-cal, because my sister has always owned a pair of boat shoes and a sliver of feminine (her favourite accessory is a bow). But not toooo much, this is not a girly girl room, it’s more like a room girls’ secretly want to have and can admire from the sideline, but aren’t confident enough to rock.

So some pinspiration to get going

This one is nice, but wayyyy to sophisticated for us

You could get dizzy in this

Did I mention I am considering a striped ceiling?

I am

Striped ceilings aren’t just for nurseries 20130523-085629.jpg

They are also grown up 20130523-085928.jpg

But then so are high gloss ceilings 20130523-090001.jpg

And again more glossy porn

I’m loving it!


So what will it be to entice my spunky sister to come to England next summer during her break from law school? I don’t know if fun ceilings will be enough!

Ps. Inspiration for these colour schemes came from this vase I saw at a design exhibition and from Cassie telling me the other day she was painting her nails bright pink with a blue feature nail. You gotsta love my 25 year old young blood.





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