What’s A Paint Colour Between Friends?

We’ve come to realise that a massive part of being a home owner now is disappointing other people. Everyone has their opinion about what does and doesn’t work- what will increase the properties worth and bluntly, what colours they find U-G-L-Y. Which funnily enough is most of the ones we choose.

All of this concern is great and means our friends and family really care about us and about us being able to sell old Abe one day. But if we started listening to all the suggestions, our house would look more like something out of Martha Stewart and frankly just not, us.

The best part about being young and doing this completely ourselves is that it’s ok to get it wrong- we’ll just paint it again. And if we realise in 3 years time when we hit 30 that neon is no longer acceptable, well than we will start painting it middle class green and gray. No problem.

We are happy to learn along the way but for now we are sticking to what we feel at home with, and that’s a bit if zest.

And with that in mind, I’ll show you what colour I am painting the front door this weekend while Will starts to plaster Cassie’s room.

Tada. This colour is so Us right now. Excited to show you the finished result!


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