New Day, New Job- Enough of Abe, It’s All About Me

Today means nothing to Abe, we will paint the tub paneling and I’m sure something will go wrong at some point but it will be fine in the end.

But today is a big deal for me- I’m changing jobz. Still working for the same local government but leaving with my domestic and sexual violence portfolio, and moving directorates. In a building of 5000 peeps/sheeps that’s big. I’m changing from being the domestic violence coordinator to the domestic and sexual violence strategic commissioner (the commissioner part makes me feel like a Russian bureaucrat) And even though I’m doing much of the same thing I’ll be with new people and I’m scared!

Yesterday was like the last day of high school- only with presents! My team got me a posh bag which I lorded around the place with and my dear friend Asha got me a journal and the movie that many of you have started mentioning we need to see, The Money Pit. See all the goodies, so many treats I’m thinking of doing this job change thing a bit more often.
My moustache men are the business and I’ve been told in my new space no one has their own desk, they hop (or was it hott?) desk?!?! ‘ How uncivilised’I said. ‘But where do you keep your heals?’ I said and ‘But I like to look at my stache men for inspiration’. Apparently all of these reasons are not good enough to change a corporate policy. So my life has to be stuffed in a cubby and moved to a new team. It looks like this20130514-080917.jpg

Wish me luck today. I’m hoping it is like the first day of college, when older and wiser dance friends invited us to a party saying ‘where your bathing suit top, it’s a pool party’ and we did…. And there was no pool, and no one else had on their bathing suits. We Got Duped! But I’m hoping its like that because despite being duped we had a hell of a time!


4 thoughts on “New Day, New Job- Enough of Abe, It’s All About Me

  1. And you had a hell of a time…no dupe! Because you had lunch with me. Just like the good old times. Only difference is the dowdy dowdy dress from tomorrow. 🙂 x

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