Moody Monday (it’s still Monday in Cali)

This post is to show you – another Mood Board! It might be Tuesday in London, but it’s still Monday in Cali. Meaning we can still call it a Moody Monday.

We start Cassie/Sissy’s room this weekend! Will is begging me to tone down the colours, and while a good wife would listen (I can see his point), I’m thinking a guest room/sissy’s room is your chance to go outrageous with the colours! Partly because even if it is offensive and garish, you don’t really have to sleep there, just the guests do, so it’s my chance to play

I’ve suggested wallpaper on the ceiling which was flatly turned down…. but I still have a week to convince him how cool it will look.

And tada… another version of Cassie’s roomImageHere was the first version. ImageBoth are a bit dance floor booty-shaking, only the first version is at a wedding and the second is at Skeeps (college bar in Ann Arbor where most of us knew more about the details of our fake ID than our spanish vocab).

I mean to say, I think the vision for Cassie’s bedroom has grown up a bit.


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