Dreaming & Scheming

Oh no… It’s started again… I think I need help- but the first step is acceptance and I am accepting that this addiction has risen lately due to a serious increase in sun activity around these parts of England.

I’ve been dreaming about the garden. I know. Pointless you say. What was that… I don’t even have a finished bathroom yet? Yes. But I’m beginning to think the bathroom won’t be ready until we are about this age


It’s just one thing after another… Last night we underestimated how long it takes to grout 17 square metres of tiles and the speed at which grout drys. I can tell you if this was a maths test. We’ve failed. After all that our arms are now as useful as an empty box of tampons.

And we have to do round two tonight. Our prospects for finishing are dim.

If you’re wondering, the bathroom now looks like this.

Flip side 20130508-080250.jpg

But with my hair full of grout i start dreaming back to the garden… Ahh the wonderful oasis it will be. I’ll be able to lounge around with a book, of course while sipping red wine with beautiful sweet smelling flowers around me… I don’t even mind that I’ll be living in the middle of a busy residential neighbourhood with screaming children and the neighbours cat shit around me…. Nope, in my head right now the garden is like Santorini and I’m living in Damascus.

This is my main point of reference for how it will look- yes including the hott pink 20130508-080434.jpg

Then we get to look at fun tiles 20130508-080532.jpg

While we are at it- every functional garden needs a shed 20130508-080606.jpg

And hanging flowers20130508-080649.jpg

A cuddle corner 20130508-080726.jpg

Trippy plants that look like if you eat them you’ll be at the puff the magic dragon theme park.


And finally, no garden would be complete without its own mascot


What do you think? Silly to get sidetracked by gardens when we’ve got the rest of the house to do?

Have I gone all Britney in the-time-that-shall-not-be-named?


Anyways, she came back from that. A

And if you’d see the state of my garden right now, you’d understand.


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