Caption Contest

We are getting so close to this bathroom starting to look like a real room. It’s like there is light at the end of the loo!

Last night William-the-Great painted the primer while I went to the House of Lords to discuss rape- tonight I’m painting it industrial green while Will goes for a boys steak night at his uncles and tomorrow Will is starting on the tiles while I’m out with one of my projects- supporting sex workers- until the late hours of the morning. Sometimes you just have to tag team it to get it done- that’s in relation to finishing the loo…..

But I digress! The real reason for this post is to ask for your help! Since we are almost there we’ve gone back to discussing which art piece to put over the tub. We’ve bought the vintage
picture light- but no art.

Walk in the amazing photographer and friend Daniel Grendon
We think Dan is the next big thing and can you believe our luck that he was also agreed to be our wedding photographer?! For anyone interested all of the photos he did for the wedding are at

That was the best day of our lives- having almost all of our family and friends around and supporting us in our lil marriage is an experience I hope everyone can have. And a great day to be reminded of πŸ™‚ I’ve always said I like art that makes me smile so I have no idea why we didn’t think of this sooner!

So we’ve asked Dan to help us with blowing some of these photos up to use around the house and putting them on plastic or he suggested foam, instead of paper. What we are looking for are fun moments- not necessarily ‘weddingy photos’ and are going to have plaques made with titles under the photo.

The first problem we are having is deciding what photos to choose! Lets start with the bathroom. Just as a reminder this is going over the tub- the walls are green, surrounded by brick, white subway tiles, industrial lighting and gray.

Photo 1: suggested caption ‘No Pants Necessary’


Photo 2: suggested caption ‘I’d trust a fart more than you’


Picture 3: suggested caption ‘Everyday I’m Hustling’


What are your thoughts? Can you think of better captions or find photos that fit the bathroom better? Which one if the 3 is your favourite?


6 thoughts on “Caption Contest

  1. No help from me on the captions -but——————since you continually asked for “opinions” throughout your blog, let me step in with some much needed clear cut answers, NOT opinions, but rather the FINAL WORD (as only I can provide!!!) – on two very important issues.

    1. Photographs ARE art; and
    2. DOGS are a MUST in your home and your life.

    Good, now that those issues are settled (sorry Will – I would have loved to have sided with you, but my ethics would not allow it when you were SOOOOO wrong) – you can get back to your wonderful new home. Love what you are doing. Can’t wait to see you this summer.

    • Thank you very much for the final word as only you can provide Mary πŸ™‚ and for backing me!!!!

      When we come home we will need to make sure Will gets some serious cuddle time with your darling pooches so we can convince him πŸ™‚ can’t wait to see you and Howard this summer! Lots of love xox

      • From the response I assume that Will is not speaking to me anymore. That’s the price of following your ethics. It is such a burden to be pure and perfect. Please tell Will I still love him!

    • Haha I know! I love that pic but that’s what everyone is saying! I didn’t think of it like that- but now I think it will find an awesome place somewhere else in the house xox

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