Our Swanky Tiles

There are a couple of things that normal people have no problem with that for some reason I treat like a wedgie in white linen pants- with avoidance at all cost, and if I find myself in the situation where it does come and it has to be managed it has to be done carefully. Large crowds (especially when they are facing the same direction), the lighting in department stores, busy work, card games and puzzles.

On Sunday we spent the entire day working on the most annoying of all puzzles, the kind you also have to design and are permanent- otherwise known as tiling.

To make it even easier on ourselves, we decided to lay the tiles herringbone style- which meant a whole lotta measuring and cutting and measuring again, and cutting.

But we got there in the end. See Will laying the tiles 🙂


It was fun right? Actually it was fun. For once it was something I could help with and we are beginning to see the results of all the work!

The best bit was after the goop hardened and we cleaned the tiles- we had a WTF moment and realised that the boxes were different colours. Meaning we have a darker tile zigzag around the room! You’ve gotta laugh. We are going to pretend it was always our creative intention.


Pretty obvious right?

Well this week we are painting the room and tiling the shower.. Meaning this is the moment when we realise if our vision of having a vintage industrial subway themed bathroom works or not- especially when we paint the ceiling! Will keep you updated.


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