With Boston

Today is not an easy day for any of us. My thoughts are with my Bostonians and their families, they are all safe, but I’m still so worried for them. You don’t live through that unshaken. As a nation, we won’t live through this unshaken.

I am mad and I am sure that is a similar feeling most Americans are feeling this morning. I am mad that innocent people have been killed, that we’ve been attacked and really that this doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal to the UK. Besides my husband who watched online TV with me all last night and let me cry on his shoulder, no one has mentioned it. It is like this is the accepted norm.

I am worried about violence. About more violence coming…. about violence never ending. About violence, begetting violence, begetting violence.

I can’t imagine that more violence will stop tragedies like this, nor will bigger military budgets and more advanced technology. I believe only education, self sufficiency and broader understanding of others will stop violence- both violence between nations, domestic and international terrorist groups and violence in the home.

I keep trying to remind myself that we are a nation who have learned from our past, who will stand on the shoulders of giants. Even when it is a big step up from the norm.


My thoughts are with those most affected by this tragedy, I really wish I was home today, to morn with my country and give my friends a hug.


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